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Mike Lee Head Media Planner, Ricochet Media Group

michael lee


Sales Alchemy consists of a tightly integrated effort to discover, create, arouse and satisfy customer needs.  It has less to do with getting customers to pay for your product, more so, it’s about fulfilling customer desires and developing a relationship that last a lifetime…

It’s so embarrassing talking about oneself in my opinion.  This site is about the great work we do at Ricochet Media Group,  not about the achievements of one person.  I’d rather talk about what WE can do for you rather than what I’ve done in my career, however, for a detailed look at my credentials, please click the LinkedIn icon in the bottom right. A few fun facts about me. I hold an Advertising degree from the University of Texas at Arlington (Go Mavericks!).  My career spans over 16 years in Advertising and Advertising Sales/ Management, and I have had the honor of working, and learning, from some of the most dynamic leaders and companies in the industry.  That experience has shaped my buying philosophy and ultimately created what you see today.  I am the first, and only, person to ever beat Chuck Norris at thumb wrestling.  I’m a strict, Sock-Sock, Shoe-Shoe man and will debate the issue with anyone, but most importantly…outside of your Advertising Campaign, I don’t take life too seriously, and you shouldn’t either.  I invite you to enjoy some of our creative and learn more about Ricochet Media Group. I’d love to hear from you personally, so fill out the “contact us” form and let’s chat about taking your business to the next level. Thank you for your visit!